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Make Love Not War or Motorways

You can tell me it’s about black and white
Till you’re red in the face
And you can tell me it’s about your race
But I can’t stand the pace
Of misdirected hatred
Besides I have a dread
Of misread history.
You can tell me it’s about
Catholic and Protestant
Muslim and Jew
Me and you
Till you turn blue
But that does make it true.
There’s not much left that hasn’t been stolen
And stomachs getting swollen all over
Does not mean everyone we don’t know is living in clover
And that is not to deny the cry
Of the dispossessed and oppressed
But if we wring our hands in despair
It doesn’t matter how much we care
All we do is weep and leave others to drown in our sorrow.
Hold hands and we can circle the hills of Palestine
And the villages of Kurdistan
Till governments and companies
Are not part of the scheme
And the obscene becomes obsolete
Become obsolete
But for that we need a new beat
One that does not come from the city
The brokers, the jokers
That choke us with multi national greed and pollution
For them there will be no absolution
For they are abstract, outside time
And conceptually flawed
At odds with the simplicity of trees
And a swords to ploughshares philosophy
That suits me
Where we are all free
To make love
To make love
To make love
To who ever we want
Where ever we want
Who ever wants us.