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I Don’t Mind

I don’t mind the fur in the bottom of the cup
That got lost in my bedroom and was never washed up
And I don’t mind the way that my old trainers stink
Or the toothpaste that’s dried on the side of the sink
And I don’t mind the smell of garlic and onions
Or the way that my grandad picks at his bunions
And I don’t mind being bitten by fleas from the cat
Or finding I’m wet from somewhere I’ve sat
And I don’t mind my sister scratching her belly
Or picking her nose while she watches the telly
And I don’t mind the presents from the old dog next door
Or the way that my mum always belches and snores
When she sits in her chair and she falls fast asleep
And I don’t mind the bundles of old tights she keeps
To stuff into cushions one of these days
And I don’t mind the way that my young brother plays
With the worms and the spiders he says are his pets
But I do mind something I’ve not mentioned yet.

There is one thing that really does make me sick
And that is the way that chewing gum sticks
To your hair and your clothes and the soles of your shoes
And you’re covered in something that someone else chewed
So I’ll get rid of mine with a great deal of care
Right in the middle of my class teacher’s chair.



From John Row's book of poems for children, "The Pong Machine"
Available direct from John Row £4.00 including P+P